Bill’s Door Repair: Garage Door Won’t Stay Open

Garage doors can certainly have issues and one of the common ones that pop up fairy often is that the garage door won’t stay open. Bill’s Door Repair serves customers in Norcross, GA and we are here to help you with any garage door issues that might arise. Perhaps you are wondering – “Why won’t my heavy garage door stay open on its own? What is going on? The springs look to be attached to the garage door but they don’t stay contracted when the garage door opens. What should I do?” If this is the situation you are in, read on! Or if your garage door just won’t stay open and you have no idea why, we believe you will find the information below to be helpful. Our business is able to help locals in Norcross, Georgia and the surrounding area to make sure that their garage door stays in great shape. But even if you are somewhere else, you should be able to find a company in your area that can help you if needed!

Garage Door Won’t Stay Open – Here’s Why and What to Do

A garage door that refuses to stay open can end up being dangerous. It could cause accidents, for instance, it could come crashing down. It is important to address a garage door that will not open right away. Here’s what you should not do – attempt to open the door yourself. Again, do not attempt to open the door until the problem has been identified and fixed by a professional. You don’t want the garage door to crash or crush someone if it comes falling to the ground. So, why would a garage door fail to stay open? What would cause this to happen? The problem could be that the springs are faulty. The spring might not be properly supporting the weight of the garage door like they should be doing. If your garage door spring is broken, it is going to make it difficult if not impossible for the garage door opener to be able to lift and support the weight of your door. So what are you supposed to do if the springs are problematic and they are preventing the garage door from staying open? They will need to be replaced or adjusted by an expert. You are going to want to hire someone licensed and insured to take on this job.

Garage door springs are not meant to last forever, so eventually, at some point, they are going to break. This could be the result of wear and tear. But at the end of the day, you want to make sure that you do not handle garage door springs on your own. It is very important to hire someone who knows what they are doing.

Power Source Disruption, Snapped Cables and More

In other cases, a power source might be disrupted. Yes, this is something that does indeed happen. If you turned off the main power source, just remember to turn it back on. Sometimes, cables can snap. This can actually be tied to the springs. If your torsion spring were to break, it might lead to cables snapping. Again, this is something unsafe to try to handle on your own, so you will want to hire an expert for the job.

The garage door can also come off track, which could cause it to not stay open.

Additionally, if your garage door will not stay open, it could be that the garage door is automatically going into reverse (this could be the case if you have ruled out the springs as the potential problem). The garage door’s close limit switch might just need to be adjusted. If the problem is that the garage door will open but it will not open all the way, it could be because the limit switch is closer than it is supposed to be to the motor. Here’s what you can do: move the limit switch so it is not too close to the motor. This could actually be enough to solve the problem. When the motor lifts the garage door up, it presses against the limit switch which can cause the motor to stop at the appropriate height. But if your garage door won’t open enough or stay open, you can try to adjust the limit switch’s position in order to make the motor cut at the proper position.

Contact an Expert!

If you have questions such as, “Why isn’t my garage door staying open on its own? What is happening here?” then you should reach out to an expert who is licensed and insured to work with garage doors and all of their components. We hope that the provided information was useful to you. Our business is able to help locals in the area, and the surrounding area to make sure that their garage door stays in great shape. But we understand that you might be reading this from outside of our service area. If this sounds like you, do not panic. Do a search online for “garage door repair service in [city]” or “garage door repair expert near me” – if you do a search for something along these lines, you should be able to find a company that will come to you. Mobile garage door repair experts who are insured and licensed can make a huge difference for you if you are dealing with a garage door that won’t open or that won’t stay open. An expert will also be able to help you with various other issues, so they can be the one phone call you make for a variety of problems. In the event that something goes wrong which requires emergency help, it is a good idea to already have saved the contact information of someone you can trust in your phone.

We offer free consultations and price quotes to locals in our service area, so give us a call for assistance, or see if you can get the same information from someone by you!